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 Nostalgic returns in Pokémon Sun and Moon
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 Posted: Sep 24 2017, 07:56 PM
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The new series of Pokémon returns with nostalgic characters of the series between whom we already know that they would have the presence of Misty and Brock, the mythical personages of the first five seasons that accompanied Ash in his adventure.

Ash, along with his friends from Alola: Kiawe, Lulu, Lilia, Nereida and Chris will travel with Professor Kukui to Kanto and there, in addition to meeting his old traveling companions Misty and Brock, will also be present, Bulbasaur, the famous Jigglypuff which paints those who slept with their songs and Professor Oak, it seems that the purpose of the trip will be to investigate the regional differences that the Kanto and Alola Pokémon present, such as Marowak, Exeggutor or Geodude.

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