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 2017成都PD动漫万圣狂欢节 - 成都, 中国 (China), 2017年10月28日和29日
Central Noah
 Posted: Oct 28 2017, 03:19 AM
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日期 / Date / Fechas: 2017年10月28日和29日 / October 28-29, 2017

位置 / Location/ Lugar: 四川省成都市龙泉驿区321文化创意产业园

321 Culture and Creative Industry Park, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

入院 / Admission / Entrada general: ¥ 40


#PD动漫万圣狂欢节#时间:2017年10月28日至10月29日 地点:地铁二号线成渝立交站321梵木
  Happy Halloween~!!天色已经暗下来了,稍微呢,加上一点点魔法~大家,开始聚会了哦~!
  嘉宾阵容:人气coser:@kuma熊祁 @冷冷len @夕楼76 @Coser希小白 @coser馨月
  著名唱见:@李蚊香 @傅小司_Taboo 还有更多神秘嘉宾~敬请期待二宣~!
or treat!
  【企业合作(商务招募)】:719636974 【官方交流群】:344516473 【票代招募】:719636974
【志愿者申请群】:481118716 【live报名群】:411316932
  Let's Party Night!

#PD Animation Halloween Carnival # Time: October 28, October 28 to October 29 Location: Metro Line 2 Chengdu Interchange 321 Vatican
Happy Halloween ~ !! sky has been dark down, a little bit, plus a little magic ~ everyone, began to meet Oh ~!
Guest lineup: popularity coser: @kuma bear qi @ cold len @ floor floor 76 @ Coser Greek white @ coser
Famous to see: @ Li mosquitoes @ Fu Xiao Secretary _Taboo there are more mysterious guests ~ Please look forward to two Xuan ~!
Oh, there are surprising screaming haunted house, pumpkin war, food carnival and other interesting entertainment items waiting for you Oh ~ everywhere are everywhere! Is trick
or treat!
Halloween Carnival benefits! Forward and @ 2 little partners ~ have the opportunity to get benefits oh ~
[A proclaimed PD animation holy carnival monster makeup 10]
[2 Xuan Xuan extract PD animation holy carnival guests posters 5]
[Three declared 233 soft girl a red envelope 1]
【Recruitment】 Gourmet stalls, commercial stalls (already recruited), hand booths. 【Booth Recruitment Group】: 305681042
[Business cooperation (business offer)]: 719636974 [official exchange group]: 344516473 [vote on behalf of recruitment]: 719636974
【Volunteer application group】: 481118716 【live registration group】: 411316932
Special thanks beeps beeps, meowte and other partners as well as the media!
Welcome to do not think about the world! Address: Metro Line 2 Chengdu-Chongqing Interchange c, the station will have PD animation Halloween carnival publicity signs Oh ~
Exchange group: 344516473
Forward and @ 2 small partners ~ have the opportunity to get this propaganda PD animation holy carnival monster makeup benefits Oh ~
Let's Party Night!

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