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 5 psychological Dramas that were successful on Korean TV
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 Posted: Apr 14 2018, 11:19 PM
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Korean dramas are famous not only for their technical quality, but also for the talent of their actors and variety of topics addressed in the scripts. Knows 5 psychological doramas that have in their history, characters that deal in some way with mental disorders.

Kill Me Heal Me

Cha Del Hyun (Ji Sung) has a childhood trauma that greatly influences his life. Because of this trauma, he developed a dissociative identity disorder (also called dual personality disorder or multiple personality disorder). Therefore there are different personalities within him that appear as certain situations occur in his life. De Hyun ends up falling in love with Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum), a resident psychiatrist and the strength of that love can help her deal with her disorder.

Radio Romance

An arrogant actor, a beginning writer and a crazy producer join to make a radio program. And everything could go wrong with this combination.

Ji Soo Ho (Yoon Do Joon) is a very famous actor of dramas and movies. He has a family that for the press and the public, is a model family. But what nobody knows is that the same family has many problems. They influence Soo Ho's life, making him suffer a lot.

Song Geu Rim (Kim Soo Hyun) is a script assistant on a radio show. Her dream was always to be the main screenwriter, but she always suffered psychological abuse from her boss. Now that Geu Rim achieves his desired opportunity, he goes to work with a troublesome actor and a pretty crazy producer, Lee Gang (Yoon Park).

Good Doctor

This is one of the most famous psychological dramas, already having its American version. Park Shi On (Joo Won) is a young man who has Savant Syndrome. He has an excellent memory and incredible abilities as well as being very intelligent. But his mental age is of a 10-year-old boy.

As a child he faces many challenges in his life due to his condition. However, this did not stop him from realizing his dream of being a pediatric surgeon. In his work environment he faces several conflicts.

Madame Antoine

Ko Hye Rim (Han Ye Sul) is a reader of the future, who insists on receiving the spirit of Marie Antoinette during her work. She receives her clients in a cafe. Very intelligent and sagacious is able to perceive the life story of each client just by looking at it. Hye Rim dreams of having a movie novel since her romantic life is not going very well.

Choi Soo Hyun (Sung Joon) is a psychotherapist who believes in the nonexistence of love. Soo Hyun and Hye Rim do not get along from the first time they met but they will have to respect each other when Soo Hyun decided to open his clinic on the Hye Rim café. In addition to addressing the subject of psychological doramas, this drama has a bit of comedy and also addresses supernatural issues.

It's Okay That's Love

Of all the psychological dramas of this subject, It's Okay That's Love is the deepest in the subject of mental disorders. Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) besides being a writer of best-sellers is a radio DJ. Jae Yeol has a troubled past and relationship problems with his family. Having developed TOC, the character only gets to sleep if he is inside a bathtub.

Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) is a psychiatrist in her first year. Ambitious and brave, is a professional copy. Your love life is not going well. Hae Soo has trouble relating to someone because of a sexual phobia developed under a past trauma. They end up getting closer after Hae Soo participates in a program with Jae Yeol and that encounter will bring great changes to the lives of both.

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